Welcome to CBD Class 1

CBD Class on Each Cannabinoid’s Benefit(s), what information in product reviews will be shared, and a message on community.

CBD Girl Next Door reviews hemp products from the farm to retail. In the United States, industrialized hemp is inspected by each state’s agricultural representative to verify that hemp crops have not bloomed over the legal level of THC. Crops over that level are destroyed. The legal level for consumables is .3%, not sufficient for euphoria and not likely to test positive. But do discuss this with employers. Typically, CBD/THC levels are tested and labeled on the product, as required, but not all companies share the lab’s certificate of analysis, the COA, and those two levels alone do not define all the contents.

The purpose of this chart is to explain the necessity for labeling each cannabinoid on each product, so consumers may wisely choose the best product for their desired potential benefits. For example, a consumer searching for an anti-epileptic treatment would look for a product with THCA, THC, CBN, CBD, and CBDV.

For optimal effectiveness use a product with the complete profile of analytes.

When a product is reviewed it is examined for its potential benefits according to the above chart. Each product review will be accompanied by this chart, so consumers may shop wisely. For example, a person diagnosed with beginning stages of osteoporosis is interested in bone growth, not anti-diabetic benefits. The chart reveals a large difference. CBD as an isolate is beneficial to diabetics, but osteo concerns needs full spectrum. Dosage may be discussed, such as dosing with 150mg for a seven-pound dog requires a different dosage than 250mg for a seven-pound dog. Human dosage will also be presented with each product review if it is not covered on the product’s website.

Also included in reviews is the website’s transparency. Does it include crucial information, or must the consumer make a request?

Does the lab report have an identifying header and contact information. If it does not, skip it. Never accept a lab report without a header containing the lab’s title, location and contact information. Call the lab. Ask if they have a report that matches the number on the report you are reading. Most labs will discuss contents. Also, look for the photo of the product on the lab report and verify that it matches the description.

Concerning transparency, does the website state that the hemp is grown in one state, but the lab report is in another state? Email the company or lab and verify.

Where is the industrialized hemp grown? This is important because different countries have different standards. Different countries grow different strains. Is the product from a local farmer? Are you supporting your local community with your purchase? Is the product from a veteran farmer?

Robert Elliot of NC Veteran Farmers, NCSU, Wounded Warriors, and is the director of the five-week Soldier to Agriculture (STAG) program through the Agricultural institute at NC State University. Elliot is a dedicated advocate to both rejuvenating hemp as an agricultural crop which includes assisting others learn how to farm hemp. With hurricane Florence whipping at his heels last year, he had a crop and not enough help, until he asked for it and those who knew of his community spirit showed up to sweat for the team. “At around the halfway point the plants started getting bigger and harder to pull out. It wasn’t too hot, but the sun was out and started beating down early afternoon. Partly cloudy in the low 80s, it surely could have been worse. After a watermelon break it was back to work around 2 p.m. with about a quarter of the main field left to go. Volunteers came and went, new ones arriving and some of those who had been there from the start beginning to leave.

At this and other points, I observed what I thought to be an amazing operation of committed volunteers moving with determined precision to get the job done, performing this wholesome, hard-ish labor, the fruits of which would help heal those suffering from myriad conditions.

I thought of what we were doing as turning swords into plowshares, or guns into pruning shears, trading instruments that hurt for plants that heal. Of how this scene represented the potential for a profitable future for so many in the region, whether getting out of the military or transitioning from conventional farming, needing to provide for themselves and their families. I felt proud to be part of the operation, fortunate and somehow honored to witness this collective contribution,” (Band, Gary, Reporter, Carolina Cannabis News).

CBD Girl Next Door believes in giving back to the community and a great way to do that is in supporting locals, especially veterans.

All veteran owned hemp farms/processors will be identified in reviews.

The product reviews will also explore return policies. Returns for consumable products is debatable, but if a product is damaged in shipping, there is reason for replacement.

Most important are the extraction methods, certifications for being organic and the COA’s. As a consumer watchdog for quality Full Spectrum CBD Oil, and other hemp products, CBD Girl Next Door is happy to share the ‘Welcome List.’

Only the most transparent, safety-conscious and quality-driven producers are in this list. All products will be fairly reviewed following the above guidelines and all will be posted, but not all will be on the ‘Welcome List.’ This is not declaring that some products are unfit, but that some companies are more committed to rising above current standards to reflect genuine concern for the community’s well-being.

Check back next week for the first released reviews. I hope you enjoyed your ‘CBD Class’ today!

Contact CBD Girl Next Door to review hemp products at no charge. All will be reviewed. Some will be invited to the ‘Welcome List.’

The ‘Welcome List’ includes advertising the benefits of hemp products via this website. The FDA does not permit advertising of CBD Oil and hemp consumables on retail websites or in retail stores. CBD Girl Next Door offers educational outreach and promotion through Affiliate Marketing. Contact: info@cbdgirlnextdoor.com


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Organic, pesticide free female Indica dominant strain buds were extracted using an Apeks 1500-20 L high pressure, carbon dioxide based extractor and heat to yield an oil high in THC. CBD was extracted using the same Apeks system from a different strain of Indicia cannabis using a similar process. Each Apeks extraction was carried out using 1200 psi CO.sub.2 in the extractor and 300 psi CO.sub.2 in the separator with the chiller at 64.degree. F. 

7.2 mg of THC (along with delta 8 THC, 9-THC acid), cannabinol (CBN), cannabichromene (CBC), cannabigerol (CBG), terpenoids and flavonoids present in the extract) was mixed with 3 mg of CBD and 1.2 mg of cobalamin to yield 11.4 mg of drug which was then mixed with 988.6 mg of Shea butter (an extract from the Shea nut from the Shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa)). 1,000 mg of cream was available for topical application. 

Studies were conducted on patients with severe arthritic pain using a self-assessed Numeric Rating Scale (NRS-11). The scale describes pain levels, as shown in the table below: 

TABLE-US-00001 Rating Pain Level 0 No Pain 1-3 Mild Pain (nagging, annoying) 4-6 Moderate pain (interferes significantly with daily life 7-10 Severe pain (disabling, unable to perform tasks) 

Example 2 

20 mg of the cream prepared in Example 1 was applied to the left wrist joint and fingers including the knuckles of a patient with severe arthritic pain. Prior to the application of the cream the patient reported a NRS-11 score between five and seven. About six minutes after application of the cream the patient reported a NRS-11 score between zero and two. The relief lasted five hours. There were no side effects. 

Example 3 

30 mg of the cream prepared in Example 1 was applied to an Adhesives Research, Inc. patch which was applied to the left wrist joint and fingers including the knuckles of a patient with severe arthritic pain. Prior to the application of the cream the patient reported a NRS-11 score between six and seven. Subsequent to the application of the patch the patient reported a NSR-11 score between zero and two. The relief lasted about seven hours. There were no side effects. 

Example 4 

30 mg of the cream prepared in Example 1 was applied to a Nusil patch which was applied to the left wrist joint and fingers including the knuckles of a patient with severe arthritic pain. Prior to the application of the cream the patient reported a NRS-11 score between six and seven. 

Subsequent to the application of the patch the patient reported a NRS-11 score between zero and two. The relief lasted about five hours. There were no side effects.”

It is not wise to use a product without full transparency. Insist on a verifiable full profile COA with any hemp product. Identify the testing lab with a header on the lab work. Do not accept a lab report without identifying language and contact information. Identify that COA with a correlating batch number.

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