A Review of 3 Products from 3 Retail Sites in Sanford, NC

This is a live report to simulate what a shopper may experience. I am relaying this review as timely as possible to exemplify how critical it is that a standard protocol for all CBD products be established and enforced.

It is not wise to use a product without full transparency. Insist on a verifiable full profile COA with any hemp product. Identify the testing lab with a header on the lab work. Do not accept a lab report without identifying language and contact information. Identify that COA with a correlating batch number.

The Spine and Pain Center on Dennis Drive in Sanford offers Integrated Hemp Solutions’ 250mg CBD Oil for $43.00. On the website that same product is 39.99. To review this product the first order of business is to attain the Certificate of Analysis. I reached out to the manufacturer by email and was directed to a website other than the sales website, Integrated Hemp Solutions. The sales website describes the product: “Integrated Hemp Solutions is a doctor recommended brand offering 250mg full spectrum cannabinoids in a 30mL bottle with up to 0.3% THC

Ingredients: Grape Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil, Stevia.”

The website that I was directed to for the COA, Hempleton Lab Reports.com had the following list of Batch reports:

Integrated Hemp Solutions

IHS.250Nat-Batch1011 (pdf)


IHS.250Nat-Batch1010 (pdf)


IHS.250Pep-Batch1006 (pdf)


IHS.250Pep-Batch1005 (pdf)


IHS.500Nat-Batch1007 (pdf)


IHS.500Nat-Batch1006 (pdf)


IHS.500Pep-Batch1006 (pdf)


IHS.500Pep-Batch1005 (pdf)


IHS.1000Nat-Batch1008 (pdf)


IHS.1000Nat-Batch1007 (pdf)


IHS.1000Pep-Batch1006 (pdf)


IHS.1000Pep-Batch1005 (pdf)


The kicker is – there is no Batch number on the bottle of 250mg Integrated Hemp Solutions’ tincture. I called the Spine and Pain Center and asked a lady to check their bottles and she said, “There is no number.”

I downloaded a couple of these Batch reports and discovered that only the basic THC/CBD levels are included, and they vary from batch to batch as much as 20%. At this point, with no verifiable full profile COA for this product at the physician’s office, and no verifiable full profile COA on the website, there is no verifiable information to specify analyte levels or safety.

But anyone can buy it right now.

I am waiting for the full profile COA and will post that information when it becomes available. HERE. Today, by 3:00, I recieved copies of the THC/CBD reports for the 250 mg CBD Oil. I was sent two different batches, #1011, and #1006, which ‘may’ be connected to the bottles of oil at the Spine and Pain Clinic.

In my query about no correlating batch number to specify on any of the bottles, a distribution representative emailed,
“I’m very sorry that you’re IHS tincture was missing a batch number. They are placed on by their production staff and can sometimes peel off the bottle during shipment, however the bottle should’ve been checked before it was sent/sold to you to check for anything missing.”

About my request for a full and proper full profile COA, the representative emailed, ”
“Unfortunately the Cannabinoid profile report is the only one I have at this time. We are working on getting terpene, heavy metal, and pesticide reports for all our house brand products. However, these tests are fairly expensive and can take 30+ days to come back. We are also working on a terpene info sheet that can be seen by customers, and will hopefully be completed soon. We are a small company with limited staff and we still have some growing pains to adjust to. For the issue of compliance, the cannabinoid profile test is the most important. Once we are able to run all of these reports they will be made available to anyone. “

A small company? Hempleton has several prestigious partners, one of them is Integrated Pain Solutions which represents this 250 mg CBD Oil. The representative replied, ” The tests you are referring to will cost over $300 to order for one sample. I can’t just order them whenever I want, any money that is spent in this company has to be approved first and I have not been approved to order these tests because of the high costs. Once I get approval, I will order them and will send them to you. “

$300.00 is nothing compared to a life lost, to time missed from work to care for your family when recovering from a pathogenic virus or worse, a mycotoxin, or an allergic reaction to a pesticide.

A full profile certificate of analysis provides full transparency of the product and I cannot recommend a company or its product without this ethical safety measure.

Integrated Hemp Solutions is in Southern Pines, NC and has an in-house lab. It was founded by Dr. James Taylor of Integrated Pain Solutions. Integrated Hemp Solutions is one of several partners of Hempleton.

The next place was Carolina Town and Country, a farm/animal store with a sign out front reading that CBD Oil was for sale. They carry CBD oil for humans and pets. The [Human]1000mg CBD Oil sells there for $59.99. On the website, Select.com, it sells for $65.00. There is no link to a COA website, and no COA on the website, so I requested it and am waiting.

When it arrives, I will post this information. HERE. [As of 31 Jan, I am still waiting.] At this time there is no verifiable information to specify analyte levels or safety. However, there is a Batch number on the box and it also reads that it passed a pesticide test.

That is nice – for a naïve consumer, but this CBD Watchdog knows that at this phase, even for products from Oregon, where there is some established testing protocol, without a verifiable full profile COA that matches the batch number, this product is not ready for market.

The last place I went today was a local pharmacy, The Medicine Shop. The clerk showed me three different flavors of Canna Bi Dine Hemp Oil Extract. The 900mg sells for $89.00. On the website, Broadway Hemp Company, it is $94.95.

This is the product description: Our Hemp Oil Extract is one of the highest quality CBD oils available, and it’s grown right here in North Carolina! Our Hemp is grown without the use of pesticides, insecticides, or other harmful chemicals. It is processed via supercritical CO2 extraction, which is one of the cleanest methods available in the cannabis industry. CO2 is non-toxic- it is a natural waste product from human bodies and fermentation. Because it is nontoxic and a gaseous state at atmospheric pressure, all CO2 extracts are pure and completely clean of any potential toxic or heavy metal residues that can be left behind in other chemical extraction methods. Our oil base is a coconut derivative called MCT oil, which stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. Our products contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

  • 30 ml / 1 oz glass bottle containing 300 mg of hemp oil extract
  • Available in Cinnamint & Natural flavor
  • Full-spectrum cannabinoid extract in an MCT oil base


Serving size:

  • 1/2 Dropper (approx. 0.5ml)

Servings per bottle:

  • approx. 60

Amount per serving:

  • Hemp Oil Extract (seeds and stalks) 50mg
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) 15mg

There was no verifiable full profile COA on the website, so I emailed a request for a full profile COA for this product and when it arrives I will post it HERE. [As of 31 Jan, I am still waiting. The first week of March 1, the THC and CBD COA arrived. That is all.]

A major concern for hemp products is mold and pathogens. Both need a full microanalysis. A visual check is not adequate. Hemp is like a sponge and is used in cleaning soiled sites, such as sites with petroleum spills. Considering this characteristic, it is dire that hemp products meant for consumption be tested for heavy metal levels. Pesticide use is unregulated for hemp at this time, as well as fertilizer, so there is not supposed to be any dectected on the COA. However, every critter out there wants a bite of hemp, so farmers are using organic pesticides and those levels have limitations. I recently tested a CBD Oil for dogs and discovered that a pesticide banned here in the U.S. was over 500x limitations. That product was from Puerto Rico. All of these tests for potentially harmful substances need to be on the COA.

Tune in later and find out – Does the 250mg from Southern Pines contain more than Hemp Oil? Does the 1000mg from Oregon contain mold spores? Does Broadway’s hemp oil contain more than one single analyte? And what are the possible benefits of these products?

Tune in next time – hopefully tomorrow, when CBD Watchdog unveils the COAs!

There are major differences between an isolate CBD Oil and a Full Spectrum CBD Oil. 2015 Study on Isolate and Full Spectrum CBD Oils The study reveals that full spectrum is a better choice. Also, CBD Isolate is now considered a drug by the FDA and USDA and is not allowed to be sold as a tincture. It is illegal except as a prescription drug.

Each of the oils in this article are identified by their labels as single analyte CBD products – isolates.

For an excellent locally produced Full Spectrum CBD Oil, I recommend Smoky Mountain Medicinals in Ashville, NC, and Down South Hemp in Erwin, NC.

I am not a paid spokesperson for any hemp farmer or processor.



No verifiable full profile COA with product in retail site.

No verifiable full profile COA on website with the photo and description of product.

No Batch number on bottle to match to Batch number on provided website.

Each of these products is identified by the labels as CBD Oil, not a variation of cannabinoids that are routinely present in CBD Oil and there is no verification method available until verifiable COAs are received.

There should be an insert in packaging to explain ingredients, potential benefits, known side effects and drug interactions, with the address of an educational website.

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