Review of Hempworx

It is not wise to buy a wellness product without full transparency.

Hempworx distributes from Canada, the UK and NV. Product is packaged in NV. Plant is grown in Kentucky.

FYI, organic hemp oil is for sale in many grocery stores for around seven bucks.

The label below specifies that this product contains a blend of Hemp seed oil and CBD extract. This extract is taken from the whole plant and undergoes a rigorous decarboxylation process under CO2 extraction. Many beneficial cannabinoids are lost in this extraction process.

According to an MLM review, which is paid for its favorable review, a respondent claims there is a batch number on the bottle.

A consumer may locate, among the many, a correlating COA. Here is a sample of their COAs, as they appear on their website, that meet compliance by testing THC/CBD levels. I found the batch numbers impossible to distinguish even with my glasses.

One problem is that if the batch number is not on the label and is a separate sticky label, it may get lost in handling. Also, it is time consuming and difficult to read the batch numbers on theses COAs. Another problem is that the example label does not have an example batch number for assisting in locating that batch number.

The samples above are only for the required THC and CBD levels.

So, let’s talk about responsibility. A verifiable full profile COA has THC/CBD, terpenes, and potential harmful substances – micro for mycotoxins, patho for bacteria, heavy metal and pesticide levels. A visual check for mold and bacteria is severely insufficient.

From the labs provided on this website it looks like some of their products are plain CBD while others are full spectrum. But without the ability to read the batch numbers and correlate with a bottle there is no absolute on what is in which bottle.

Other issues:

The only labs with ‘full profile’ were dated 2017. The shelf life of CBD oil is 1 year.

The 2017 labs did not indicate which pesticides were tested. It could have tested 2, 4, or 50. I would have to contact the lab to learn of their ‘pesticide profile.’

Unless someone will send me a bottle of Hempworx CBD Oil and I can match it to a batch number on the website’s COAs, I cannot determine the actual contents.

I have found that individual farmers with experience in farming are usually the safest and best bet. I refer to these fellas as ’boutique’ farmers, but don’t tell them so, they are a burly group. Right now, my favorite boutique farmer is in Erwin, NC with Down South Hemp. They have the most wide array of cannabinoids and have generations of experience in farming. I went down to their farm and will be writing a full review of their product in the near future.

Have a great day!

Your CBD Watchdog

It is not wise to use a product without full transparency. Insist on a verifiable full profile COA with any hemp product. Identify the testing lab with a header on the lab work. Do not accept a lab report without identifying language and contact information. Identify that COA with a correlating batch number.

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