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Verifiable lab results are the backbone of creating consumer confidence in the dawning of the industrial hemp revolution.

In underdeveloped countries many food items reach the marketplace with only a visual inspection or passed inspection with outdated laboratory equipment. In America, Clinical Laboratory Scientists work with the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences to set standards for testing and lab protocol.

[Ochratoxin A as seen under an electron microscope]

Avazyme Lab in Durham, NC is distinguished as a leader in agriculture and food testing.
“What distinguishes us from our competitors is our client-centric team culture, reliably delivering tailored-made solution-focused analytics for each of our diverse client’s needs.”

CBD Girl Next Door requested their recommended testing panel for cannabis products with a specific question about mold (mycotoxins) tests because there are many COA for cannabis products with only a visual inspection and that is not sufficient. Mold is a primary concern because Mycotoxins are responsible for a variety of illnesses.

Susane Bornemann relays, “We test not only for Ochratoxin  A , but 21 of the most crucial Mycotoxins in Industrial Hemp for $250.  Our expert team has been working in this area for years and can provide you with accurate high quality results to the lowest and most sensitive regulatory ppb level. Many processors are demanding a Mycotoxin test.  Check out our Website also.” Avazyme Lab


Avazyme’s team of experts routinely provides the analysis of both detection and quantitation of these hazardous mycotoxins at low concentration levels in complex food matrices using Shimadzu UHPLC-MS/MS 8050, and UHPLC-MS/MS 8040 Spectrometers the preferred method of choice. Thus, we are providing the most accurate assessment of the extent of mycotoxin contamination in agricultural commodities, food, and feed.

Avazyme can simultaneously analyze for all of the 21 most crucial mycotoxins with high sensitivity & accuracy at the lowest regulatory ppb levels: 

15-Acetyl-DON; 3-Acetyl-DON; Aflatoxin B1; Aflatoxin B2; Aflatoxin G1; Aflatoxin G2; Cytochalasin A; Cytochalasin B; Cytochalasin D; Cytochalasin E; Diacetoxyscirpenol (DAS); Deoxynivalenol (DON); Fumonisin B1; Fumonisin B2; Moniliformin; Nivalenol (NIV); Ochratoxin A; T2 Toxin; Tenuazonic acid, Zearalenone, Citrinin, & Patulin. 

Also, the neurotoxin beta-Methylamino-L-Alanine or BMAA.
Avazyme provides simultaneous multi component analysis screening for synthetic anti-microbials as well


10 Cannabinoid Profile:$75
10 Cannabinoid Profile & Specific Gravity/Density$100
220 Pesticide Residue Screen:$280
21 Mycotoxin Screen:$250
Mold & Yeast:$50
Pathogen Screen:$200
4 Heavy Metals:$210
32 Residual Solvents:$90
220 Pesticide Screen in Soil:$310
21 Mycotoxin Screen in Soil:$280
4 Heavy Metals in Soil$210

RUSH ORDERS may be available Upon Request with a Surcharge Fee.


10 Cannabinoid Profile: 2 to 3  business days

Terpenes: 5 business days

176 Pesticides Screen: 5 business days

Heavy Metals: 5  business days

21 Mycotoxins: 5 business days  

32 Residual Solvents: 5 business days

Standard Pathogen Screen: 7 business days

Mold/Yeast: 5 to 7  business days


Fresh Biomass:  14 to 28 grams is sufficient, depending on how dry it is, provided it is a Representative Sample.

Dried Biomass:  (moisture level below 15%)    10 to 14 grams of sample material is sufficient:

Very Dried Biomass:  5 to 10 gramsdepending on how dry it is.

Very Dried Flowers or Kief:  2.5 grams, 2 grams if it truly is a Representative Sample.

Heavy Metals Test: Requires an extra 1 gram in addition.

Oil (unrefined):  2 to 5 grams of sample material, depending on its viscosity.

Tincture / Isolate:   1 mL is sufficient.


  • We need 30 grams of sample on Undried (Wet) Biomass:  11 grams of Dried Hemp/Pure Dried Flowers/Kief,  in addition to what you are submitting for other tests.
  • For Oil products we need 4.5 grams or 5 mL.


Tested in our Microbiology Lab.  Detects Presence of mold/yeast.

Amounts required:

  • We need 11 grams of fresh hemp or farm dried hemp; 4 grams of pure Dried Hemp/Flower/Kief: in addition to what you are sending for other tests. We can freeze dry a sample of fresh hemp with our Lyophilizer for you.
  • For an oil-based product, we need 2 grams or 3 mL.
  • The Turn Around Time  (TAT) is typically 5-7 business days.

Avazyme Lab

Have a great day!

Your CBD Watchdog

It is not wise to use a product without full transparency. Insist on a verifiable full profile COA with any hemp product. Identify the testing lab with a header on the lab work. Do not accept a lab report without identifying language and contact information. Identify that COA with a correlating batch number.


Mycotoxins Image credit

Notes from Science Direct on Mycotoxins:

The term mycotoxin is an artificial rubric used to describe pharmacologically active mold metabolites characterized by vertebrate toxicity. They fall into several chemically unrelated classes, are produced in a strain-specific way, and elicit some complicated and overlapping toxigenic activities in sensitive species that include carcinogenicity, inhibition of protein synthesis, immunosuppression, dermal irritation, and other metabolic perturbations. Mycotoxins usually enter the body via ingestion of contaminated foods, but inhalation of toxigenic spores and direct dermal contact are also important routes.

It is difficult to prove that a disease is a mycotoxicosis. Molds may be present without producing any toxin. Thus, the demonstration of mold contamination is not the same thing as the demonstration of mycotoxin contamination. Moreover, even when mycotoxins are detected, it is not easy to show that they are the etiological agents in a given veterinary or human health problem. Nevertheless, there is sufficient evidence from animal models and human epidemiological data to conclude that mycotoxins pose an important danger to human and animal health, albeit one that is hard to pin down. The incidence of mycotoxicoses may be more common than suspected. It is easy to attribute the symptoms of acute mycotoxin poisoning to other causes; the opposite is true of etiology. It is not easy to prove that cancer and other chronic conditions are caused by mycotoxin exposure. In summary, in the absence of appropriate investigative criteria and reliable laboratory tests, the mycotoxicoses will remain diagnostically daunting diseases.

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