Cannabis for Skin Care – Head to Toe

Hemp is the ancient herb that belongs in one form or another in every household, from the vanity table to the clothes closet.

I am serious – my neighbor dropped in on me this week and the first thing she said was, “What have you been doing? You look great,” and I replied, “It’s the hemp oil. I put it on before bed and every morning. I’ve even noticed the crinkle lines on my neck have smoothed and it doesn’t make me look shiny either.” Then I asked, “Do you know how to weave?”

“I don’t even sew on buttons. Why?”

“I’m going to make a skinny suit?”

“Yeah? With hemp I’m guessing?”

“Yes, I just read that cannabinoids work like an antioxidant in textile form.”

“We can have our cake and eat it too? Huh? Eat whatever as long as we wear a skinny suit – made of hemp of course. You’re too much.”

I pushed the half-eaten platter of hemp brownies toward her, “That would be great, but that’s not what I mean. These brownies are full of protein and Omega 3 and 6 for our internal health. The hemp extract is the essential oil for our skin and the hemp suit is to protect our health from free radicals,” and she asked, “So, who are you making the skinny suit for?”

Image from The Jumping Frog

“Just eat your damn brownie and I’ll show you the research” I replied as I pulled the stack of papers from my desk and fought the armrests to get back into my chair.

Her coffee cup plinked with a resounding smile when she said, “But man, does your skin look good. I’m going to buy some of that oil. What did you call it?”

“It’s like an essential oil, but they call it Full Spectrum Hemp Oil or CBD Oil or it might be labeled as a tincture. There’s some good ones out there, but make sure you read the COA. Make sure you are getting a good combination of analytes. Check that there are no extras, like heavy metals or residuals or pesticides or mold or pathogens. The USDA is working on regulations, so it won’t be long before the industry is standardized.”

The research shares that “CBD is an antioxidant, anti-seborrhoeic (prevents over-activity of the sebaceous glands), a skin-conditioning and skin-protecting compound,” says Dr Sugathan. “But what’s a huge breakthrough, in my view, is its interaction with the endocannabinoid system – the network of skin neurotransmitters all along your body. Studies show this interaction provides the same effect as anandamide, which is a fatty acid neurotransmitter that is naturally produced by our bodies, and is said to have a calming effect on our skin.” What that essentially means is, CBD oil, even when topically applied, won’t be working just on your skin’s surface, but deeper, at the root of the problem.

Unlike other products, which will either infuse extra moisture or lock in the moisture, CBD will coax your skin into producing enough moisture of its own, so you won’t feel stretchy once the effect of it has worn out, neither will your sebaceous glands go into overdrive. “CBD’s calming, anti-inflammatory nature makes it especially fantastic for more persistent issues like eczema and psoriasis,” says Dr Kiran Kaur Sethi, a dermatologist and founder, Isya Aesthetics, Delhi.

I told her that health care professionals recommend clothing made from natural fibers. The research includes flax and hemp fibers. “The results of the study proved that flax and hemp fibers exhibit inherent antioxidant properties, diversity of which depends on the plant variety, method of fiber extraction and subsequent stages of the technological chain applied for the fiber processing. The tested flax fibers showed higher antioxidant activity in comparison with the hemp fibers. The FRAP and DPPH parameters reached the highest values for both types of fibers extracted with the use of decortication. The antioxidant activity is strongly correlated with lignin and phenolic acids content in the fibers. The highest ability to reduce Fe ions from Fe+3 to Fe+2 showed decorticated flax fibers of Modran variety. The subsequently applied processes caused reduction of the FRAP and DPPH values. This knowledge should be used in designing functional textiles able to support protection of human skin against reactive oxygen species and UV radiation.”

“So expect to see clothing marketed especially for health at stores in the near future.” I chugged down the last of my coffee and speculated, “How many textile companies have left America for cheap labor? I wonder if we can rejuvinate the textile industry here with major tax breaks for creating jobs and remodeling those old textile plants with our new billion-dollar hemp industry?”

“I wonder what’s your hemp brownie recipe,” she guffawed and I leaned across the table, “butter, cocoa, sugar, flour and fresh hemp – hemp – it will not get you high!”

“Oh well,” she scooped up her keys and pet my old Sammy’s head and told us, “Get with me later on that CBD oil. I want to buy some.”

Have a great day!

Your CBD Watchdog


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It is not wise to use a product without full transparency. Insist on a verifiable full profile COA with any hemp product. Identify the testing lab with a header on the lab work. Do not accept a lab report without identifying language and contact information. Identify that COA with a correlating batch number.

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