Review: Functional Remedies

500 mg Full Spectrum

Functional Remedies is on my ‘Welcome List.’ It offers hemp oils attained by gentle extraction, not C02, which destroys many cannabinoids and terpenes, by using the process of infusion with organic MCT oil with slight decarboxylation. As indicated in my Cannabinoid Chart, the cultivators and processors have created an excellent product.

Because there is no direct link on the website for the products’ COAs, I requested a full profile assay and received it within a week. Certificates of Analysis provide crucial information to cannabinoids, their levels, the terpenes and verifies safety. The spokesperson for Functional Remedies indicated that the company is planning on including a batch number with a QR code and it will correlate to THC/CBD levels. So, the company is on my ‘Welcome List’ because it is becoming fully transparent.

To attain a full profile assay, it must be requested because not all batches receive full profile assays. The reasoning is, according to the representative, that number one: Full profile testing is expensive, and number two:  Because the hemp is grown in a standardized method, using the same strains, and in the same location, that there is not a likelihood of variance. It is wise to buy a product with full profile COAs with a correlating batch number, so be patient when shopping and verify first.

The COA included mold, mycotoxins, pathogens, pesticides and heavy metals and all levels passed. This batch of 500 mg CBD Oil is safe.

The website relays that it uses whole-plant, which is flower, some stems, and leaves. It grows only one variety and claims it is the most nutrient dense cultivar. It offers CBD oils to the public and to inclusive health care providers.

The only difference of products for the public and providers is that the capsule is enteric. Enteric capsules provide stomach-acid protection.

Functional Remedies provided a COA with the following analytes for their current batch of 500 mg CBD oil: THC .65mg/mL, CBD 17.19mg/mL, CBG .64mg/mL, CBD .07mg/mL.

                               This chart is based on scientific research.

To receive full benefits with this product, for example, as an anti-defective apoptosis (kill cancer cells), or as an optimal anti-inflammatory, it can be combined with eating raw cannabis. Hemp flowers pack powerful medicine as an antioxidant and has other benefits, such as a treatment for obesity and Parkinsons Disease. Smoking hemp will destroy the beneficial analytes. Tweedle Farms has a safe raw product. Try sprinkling a few fingertips of flower bud over a salad or on top of scrambled eggs.

Functional Remedies has a nice panel of Terpenes. Myrcene 65ppm, B Caryophyllene 168ppm, A bisabolol 2ppm, Caryophyllene Oxide 5ppm, Humulene 27ppm, B pinene 3ppm, Eucalyptol 4ppm, Limonene 18ppm, Geraniol 6 ppm. A – Bisabolol has a weak sweet floral aroma and is used in various fragrances. It has also been used for hundreds of years in cosmetics because of its perceived skin healing properties. Bisabolol is known to have anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties.

Overall, Functional Remedies is a safe product with a wide swath of analytes and most of its batches are backed with a full profile COA. Reach out to the company for the full profile COA before purchase.

The company representative was polite and forthright in relaying all information.

So, depending on your motive for purchasing a hemp product, Functional Remedies is a good choice. Combined with raw hemp, this product is ideal for many treatments.

Have a great day!

Your CBD Watchdog


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RAW Kills Cancer Cells

It is not wise to buy any hemp product without a verifiable full profile Certificate of Analysis. Do not accept a lab report without verifiable identification of the lab on the header. A full profile COA contains reports on THC/CBD, terpenes, pesticides, mold, mycotoxins, pathogens, residuals, and heavy metals.

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