Review: Smoky Mountain Medicinals

Brook Sheffield is helping to set the ‘gold standard’ in  Western North Carolina.

The results are in:

Smoky Mountain Medicinals are top shelf on the

‘Welcome List.’

Brook Sheffield and Family 2019

There is nothing more American than taking pride in a job well done and Brook Sheffield, hemp farmer and entrepreneur, stands tall. Brook has years of experience in agriculture and has perfected growing exemplary hemp in greenhouses. He owns LOTUS Farm and Garden in Asheville, North Carolina. Brook shares, “We have 5 greenhouses totaling approximately one acre. Our new project is a large 10,000 sq. ft Nexus Light Dep greenhouse and outdoor acreage. We will be able to harvest 4-5 times a year totaling around 10,000 pounds of high-quality hemp. We will only plant 4 acres outdoors this season!”

Brook stands tall in that he is a leader in North Carolina’s hemp community in becoming fully transparent and I do not believe it was a challenge for this humble man. From the beginning of our conversation, it was clear that Brook is a forthright and accountable business person who deeply cares about the safety and quality of his product. He is the first member of the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Alliance to test his finished product with Avazyme Lab’s recommended panel and commit to full transparency.

Full transparency is imperative in consumer confidence as the FDA has not yet set regulations.

That’s right, consumer safety and respect is in the hands of the farmers, processors, labs, retailers and associations. In this autonomous stage of the hemp industry, Brook is doing NC proud in helping to set the ‘gold standard.’

Keep on hempin’ local is a safe protocol and Smoky Mountain Medicinals does exactly that. His farm is in Asheville, NC. His processor is Sugarleaf Lab in Conover, NC. Sugarleaf’s website shares, “Using Non-GMO ethanol at extremely cold temperatures, utilizing advanced lab techniques, we produce cannabinoid rich oils that are used in all products we carry.  Some products are formed using a full spectrum extract with maximum amount of cannabinoids that have a wide range of applicable uses.” This cryogenic alcohol and winterization treatment in extraction delivers the most beneficial analytes for a spectacular full spectrum CBD oil.

Brook commissioned Avazyme Lab, located in Durham, NC, which works closely with the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Commission. The accredited lab is highly reputable and has a complete recommended hemp testing profile. Avazyme Lab’s website shares that “We currently offer our standard cannabinoid profile that includes results for all 10 different cannabinoids, determined via our SHIMADZU 8050 & 8040 Triple Quadrupole UHPLC/MS/MS analysis, the most accurate and reliable way to test for cannabinoids.” Avazyme has a history of expertise in providing reliable results, so consumers are safe.

The results of Brook’s dedication and wise choices are astounding. Not only has this farmer produced a safe product, he has produced a cannabinoid rich product with a wide swath of beneficial terpenes. There is even a tamper resistant barrier to protect consumers. I peeled it back to demonstrate its effectiveness. It works.

The taste is rich and earthy and I felt relief from my aching neck muscles in fifteen minutes with no side effects!

Smoky Mountain Medicinals’ website is clearly written with a QR code to read the THC/CBD levels. Other reports are available upon request. The other reports complete Avazyme Lab’s recommended tests: a 10-cannabinoid profile, 9 beneficial terpene levels, and potentially harmful substances – 32 residual solvents, 4 heavy metals, including cadmium, arsenic, mercury, and lead, a 21-mycotoxin screen, mold and yeast, at least 220 pesticides, and a pathogen screen.

I am happy to report that Smoky Mountain Medicinals is a safe product that passed all screenings. The 220-pesticide screening proved that Brook was honest when he said, “We do not use pesticides.” Smoky Mountain Medicinals will soon attain its USDA Organic Certification.

Smoky Mountain Medicinals states:

Our North Carolina greenhouse grown Hemp Flowers are extracted to produce the finest full spectrum oil available. We use USDA certified Organic MCT oil from coconuts as our carrier oil. Our extraction method utilizes organic ethanol and is performed by Sugar Leaf Labs in NC. Our lab reports are viewable here to ensure transparency and to provide you with a look into our quality! Have a question? Just let us know and we will get back to you ASAP!

500 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Extract Oil is $60.00

Read QR labs here: COA for this product by scanning the QR Code.

There are so many beneficial analytes in Smoky Mountain Medicinals that I had to add more rows to my CBD Chart!

The following analytes are at a concentration of mg/mL: CBN .10, THC .79, CBDV .10, CBG .34, CBD 18.84, CBN .75, CBDA .10, CBGA .10, THCA .10, THCV .10. Ratio total of Cannabinoids to THC is 23.8!

There are no added flavorings, which by the way, may be added after the lab results are in on the ‘sample’ and this is a problem because it both contradicts analyte levels and has the potential of destroying some analytes. Hemp oil does not like citrus and many flavorings are as acidic as citrus, like cinnamon. Enjoy the natural, full-bodied hemp flavor – a spoonful of Earth’s health.

There is an array of terpenes, which are just as important, if not more than cannabinoids, because terpenes pass the blood-brain barrier. Learn about terpene properties, like a-Pinene is beneficial in treating memory issues, at CBD Class 2: Introduction to Terpenes. The following results for this batch of Smoky Mountain Medicinals’ 500 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Extract Oil are concentrated at mg/g:

a-Pinene .010

Myrcene .010

Limonene .010

Cymene .010

Eucalyptol 0.010

Terpinolene .010

Geraniol .010

B-Caryophyllene .425

a-Humulene 3.207

The personal analysis summation is: WOW! This is the best hemp product I have reviewed so far and I am delighted that this company is in my beloved North Carolina.

Please note: Hemp’s analytes have been researched in relation to medical benefits and the results indicate a positive effect, however, exact dosage and duration are unknown at this time. Always consult a physician.

What is known is that there are many users’ testimonies that hemp extracts have helped to treat specific ailments and diseases from depression, to cancer, to eczema. I am one. Hemp has helped me overcome PTSD and arthritis pain and my fifty-ish year old skin. After only a few months of nightly treatments, my face is looking so much younger that my friends ask, “What have you been using? You look great.” I use a couple of drops each night on my face and neck and am going to start using it on the back of my hands. I believe in hemp and I believe Smoky Mountain Medicinals has captured the full essence of this ancient herbs’ benefits.

Congratulations on the hard work, Brook! From the empirical data to the inference of fine character, Smoky Mountain Medicinals is clearly Western North Carolina’s GOLD STANDARD.

Get in touch today for a friendly welcome and an outstanding product.

Have a great day!

Your CBD Watchdog


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Physician’s Video

Smoky Mountain Medicinals

It is not wise to use a product without full transparency.
Insist on a verifiable full profile COA with any hemp product. Identify the
testing lab with a header on the lab work. Do not accept a lab report without
identifying language and contact information. Identify that COA with a
correlating batch number. It is not wise to use a product not tested for potentially
harmful ingredients, for example, a COA with only one pesticide tested.


5 thoughts on “Review: Smoky Mountain Medicinals

  1. Darian Spelchner April 10, 2020 — 7:53 pm

    this brand is amazing, and so is this review. i wish more people knew about smoky mountain medicinals, they have earned a lifelong customer


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