Review: Down South Hemp

Say, “Howdy!” to the newest farmers on my ‘Welcome List.’

The entourage effect is a term used in the CBD oil/hemp industry. It refers to the 200 beneficial analytes in hemp. For Down South Hemp, the entourage effect resonates. They are 3rd generation farmers who grew 93 acres of hemp their first year and are planting 93 acres again this year. These are the big dogs, y’all.

Down South Hemp’s entourage is comprised of Lloyd Avery, and brothers Denny and Benny Lee. They also operate several greenhouses for farming their hemp in Erwin, NC.

When I first met them, it was like talking to old friends. We sat in the kitchen to discuss their hemp farming experiences and I quickly learned this group had attained some medicinal hemp genetics. Doctors in the area purchase their product and share their input on hemp’s potential. This team has a wealth of knowledge to drawl from and uses it wisely.

Now, let’s talk about certificate of analysis – COA.

Look at that whopping 12.66 mg/g CBG – the cancer killing cannabinoid.

This analysis was conducted on raw product and analytes will change during processing. Down South Hemp has created a unique processing system that allows for a premium blend of both decarboxylated and raw analytes for the gold standard in the ‘full entourage effect.’ This process is a trade secret.

Down South Hemp provided COAs with verifiable lab identification headings. The lab is reputable and well known. There is a clean report for 19 pesticides, heavy metals, residuals, mycotoxins, mold, pathogens, and a clean microbiology report. Down South Hemp practices excellent responsibility. They are in the process of full transparency in syncronizing COAs with products on their website.

I highly recommend Down South Hemp.

Terpenes include linalool, caryophyllene, guaiol, eucalyptol, bisabolol, myrcene, humulene, and nerolidol. [Terpenes highlighted with bold type are included in the research study shared in this article.] Terpenes are just as important, if not more than cannabinoids, because terpenes pass the blood-brain barrier. Learn more about terpenes in CBD Class 2: Introduction to Terpenes.

The following research and the above lab results do not imply that using this product will produce life-saving cures but serves to educate the consumer on the benefit of full spectrum, aka, entourage effect, cannabinoids, terpenes and their benefits.

Plain CBD oil does not provide the entourage effect.

Down South Hemp offers a safe full spectrum hemp oil for the ‘entourage effect.’

Read the research, “Appraising the “Entourage Effect”: Antitumor Action of a Pure Cannabinoid Versus a Botanical Drug Preparation in Preclinical Models of Breast Cancer” to learn more.

This 2018 research on breast cancer, other cancers, and the entourage effect of cannabis conducted by Blasco-Benito, et al, shares, “…cannabinoids have been shown to protect tissues from damage produced by certain chemotherapy drugs. Thus, these compounds prevent cisplatin- and doxorubicin-induced neuropathic pain [25], a very distressing and common side effect that frequently leads to treatment discontinuation. Of interest, this protective effect is also produced by β-caryophyllene.” The entourage effect is helpful in relieving chemo side-effects andalthough a specific cannabinoid property has not been identified, the entourage effect of cannabinoids and terpenes does kill cancer cells in the lab. The research included several variations of combinations of gold standard treatments consisting of drug preparations and THC, CBG, and terpenes, and various cannabinoids.

A major takeaway from the research is in Blasco-Benito, et al’s Abstract’s final sentence, “Together, our results suggest that standardized cannabis drug preparations, rather than pure cannabinoids, could be considered as part of the therapeutic armamentarium to manage breast cancer.” The simple fact is that full spectrum products have more beneficial analytes than plain CBD oil.

Here is the profile of prepared cannabinoids used in the research:

Lloyd Avery and Denny Lee in greenhouse with hemp.

Order your taste of Earth’s goodness today and make your endo cannabinoids copasetic. Down South Hemp offers several hemp products, from soap, to creams, to full spectrum oil. They offer natural flavor and mint, and for pets – chicken flavor. Hemp- it makes a body happy.

Have a great day!

Your CBD Watchdog


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It is not wise to use a product without full transparency.
Insist on a verifiable full profile COA with any hemp product. Identify the
testing lab with a header on the lab work. Do not accept a lab report without
identifying language and contact information. Identify that COA with a
correlating batch number. It is not wise to use a product not tested for potentially
harmful ingredients, for example, a COA with only one pesticide tested.

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