A Good Green Insecticide Courtesy of Hemp

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Good Ridance, Skeeters!

The balancing act of keeping good insects such as ladybugs which dine on aphids and not keeping pests such as mosquitoes has been a timeless dream – until now. The Industrial Crops & Products journal recently printed an article with promising research. The research posits that terpenes found in hemp are effective against mosquitoes, moths, flies, snails, aphids, and the tobacco cutworm.

While it is safe for ladybugs and earthworms!

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The effective combination of terpenes is a-Pinene, myrcene, terpinolene, and E-caryophyllene.

“Overall, the most abundant components exhibiting percentage values above 10% were (E)-caryophyllene (23.8%), α-pinene (16.4%) and myrcene (14.2%), accounting together for more than half the oil composition…Essential oils can produce neurotoxicity on insects by interacting with different receptors such as cholinergic, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and octopaminergic ones (Pavela and Benelli, 2016). In this regard, it has been reported that the hemp essential oil is able to inhibit the acetylcholinesterase(AChE) enzyme in a more effective manner than other oils (Benelli et al., 2018a).”

Bye-bye pesky bugs! Check your certificate of analysis to determine if your full spectrum hemp product has the needed terpenes and experiment with homemade tinctures of your own green insecticide this summer.

Here is an interesting link on homemade insecticide tonics aimed at destroying aphid armies.

This research is so exciting because it offers balance. The Earth needs earthworms to clean materials and convert into new nutrient dense soil. But we do not need bugs like aphids and cutworms to destroy crops. Cypermethrin is a synthetic insecticide used in gardening. It kills earthworms instantly. Organic hemp essential oil does not kill earthworms.

This is great news for farmers and backyard gardeners, discriminating produce consumers, and everyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors without swatting skeeters.

Have a great day!

Your CBD Watchdog


  • Benelli, G., Pavela, R., Petrelli, R., Cappellacci, L., Santini, G., Fiorini, D., . . . Maggi, F. (2018). The essential oil from industrial hemp (cannabis sativa L.) by-products as an effective tool for insect pest management in organic crops. Industrial Crops & Products, 122, 308-315. doi:10.1016/j.indcrop.2018.05.032

Image of mosquitoes’ courtesy of Clipart.

Image of ladybug on grass is courtesy of Pixaby in Public Domain.



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