FDA Hearing on Hemp Today, 31 May 2019

Today’s hearing served up a buffet of concerns, hope, recommendations, and testimonies from professionals, and constituents, and some of us listened live. For those who did not get to listen to this historical live hearing, I am serving dessert.

I want to begin with the most significant speaker, concerning North Carolina – our representative. Mr. Joseph Reardon joined North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services to serve as the Assistant Commissioner for Consumer Protection and today, he served us well. Here are his comments as translated by the live audio’s closed captioning:

Speaker #53 Joseph Reardon, NC Ag & Consumer Services Assistant, at FDA Hearing on Hemp:

“I want to thank the FDA today for this opportunity to bring these comments forward. North Carolina, like many other states have a rapidly growing industrial hemp industry. As of this year, we have over 1000 growers in the state of NC, 12,000 acres of product that is being grown. We have 9 million square feet being grown in greenhouses. We have 501 registered processors. Farmers in NC have invested over $100 million in this crop. We know that CBD is being sold across the nation in dietary supplements of food and frankly there is no regulatory framework for that to be done.

Due to the availability of these products in the marketplace, we have done some survey work to better understand the availability of these products in the marketplace. We have also sent letters out to our industry and our state informing that (indistinguishable) provided last year and earlier this year. We have done some market survey to understand the prevalence of these products in the marketplace to give us a more informed position.

In doing so, we have a better understanding of the prevalence of these products in NC and the future of those products in NC and will be seeking and will now ask our state legislature to give us the authority to have regulation in place for the production of these products. We will use the FDA’s 21 CFR 111 as a foundation for market regulations. We believe they are supportive of our industry there. We will be able to put a regulatory framework in place for production of those products to ensure the suitability of the products going into the marketplace. We believe a uniform and consistent approach is critical to consumer safety and long-term vitality of this emerging industry. A benefit from the regulatory framework we believe is to ensure the identify and strengthen composition of the product.

Without the FDA’s guidance and leadership, individual states may carve out their own regulatory exceptions for CBD, creating a patchwork approach which will hinder the nationwide growth of this industry and endanger consumers. We urge the FDA to resolve the statutory issues, properly establish a legal pathway for CBD products to enter the marketplace. I want to thank you for the opportunity today to provide these comments. We are hearing from some states that they would like to extend the written comments from July until August. We think with the amount of people here today that are interested in this, we would want to get all the feedback we can I may be the FDA’s interest to extend this. Thank you.”

The FDA Hearing on Hemp began with physicians and research scientists, many who had strong concerns on the hemp industry’s full spectrum tinctures, isolate CBD oils, and CBD products in food and in lotions and cosmetics. Many of those with strong concerns represented large industries.

Dr. Philip Blair, a retired Colonel, and owner of Elixinol LLC gave expert testimony on the benefit of hemp products for his patients. Partners in Safety – Dr. Russell Kamer, expressed concern and stated, “It is hoped that those of us in medicine and science in and out of government will be able to meet the next challenge while the role of a drug regulatory agency may be limited, submission of scientific data should be encouraged.”

Attorney Rod Kight was speaker #32. He shared, “There were studies that found CBD was safe according to the World Health Organization. It is non-toxic and non-addictive.” While speaker #42, Anna Williams, gave testimony of the importance of lab accreditation. Other scientists shared the importance of full transparency and full profile testing, much like Avazyme Lab’s recommended hemp labs.

As the hearing progressed, so did the evidence of how hemp belongs to ‘the people’. We, the people, as this hearing demonstrated, are due this historic herb much like we are due the juice of the simple orange. It is that simple. Hemp belongs to us and should large industry capitalize on concentrations of this herb’s analytes – so be it. Right now, it looks like will still have our tinctures, creams, and hemp flowers.

Thank you, Mr. Joseph Reardon for speaking up for us in this forthcoming $22 billion-dollar industry. Thank you to all the speakers who begged the FDA to hurry up and set regulations so we can have our pie, and frankly, I want hemp pie, honey. I have a headache from all this serious business.

Have a great day!

Your CBD watchdog






More closed caption script from the FDA Hearing 31 May 2019 is available upon request as a word document. Email request to gaumedup@gmail.com

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