NC Senate Meeting 5 June, 2019

Concerning the NC Senate Committee on Ag/Enviro/Natural Resources Today, 5 June 2019 —

We need to have a talk, sisters and brothers.


The generous time allotted to us as constituents of the hemp industry must be crafted to benefit the good of all. It is the only ethical choice. That said, here is a list of statements from today’s meeting.

Mike (last name was inaudible) “I would like for law enforcement to be held accountable for violating our 4th amendment rights (concerning search and seizure of hemp). We need to protect civilians and decriminalize cannabis.”

Followed by much applause by hemp advocates.

Michael Sims of Charlotte CBD “My business has expanded…40 employees…3 stores and 2 more coming…paying 20k in sales tax…we sell (unprocessed hemp flowers) to home extractors. We test our products and follow regulations. We need to expedite North Carolina’s hemp marketplace, or the black market will take it over.”

Followed by significant applause.

Carolina Hemp – Ashville “We provide accurate information with our products and they are high quality. We have tens of thousands of customers.”

More applause.

Stephanie Sellers (your CBD watchdog)

“Dear Senators and Constituents,

Thank you for allowing us to speak today. My name is Stephanie Sellers and I want to address the claim by the NCSBI that there are no suitable labs to distinguish the difference between unprocessed hemp flower and illegal marijuana flower.

But first, I want you to consider improving the term ‘smokable hemp flower’ to ‘unprocessed hemp flower.’ I ask for this change because not all consumers buy hemp flowers to smoke. It is eaten for nutritional purposes and in kitchens across America this herb is made into flavorful butters and salad dressings and other homemade goods, just like lavender and oregano.

There is a suitable lab right here in the heart of Carolina – Avazyme Labs, directed by Volker Bornemann, who works with the NC Industrial Hemp Commission and law enforcement. Avazyme serves our state law enforcement agencies across the board, and lawyers and DHHS cases. Avazyme provides 24-hour turnaround for Rush Analysis to distinguish between unprocessed hemp flower and illegal marijuana flower. Their methods have been proven reliable and Mr. Volker Bornemann said, “I am prepared to expand my services.”

To assist in transporting samples to be tested, it is suggested that law enforcement consider networking with hospital courier systems and other lab systems such as Mako, Quest and Lab Corp. The revenue created by industrial hemp may be allocated to finance their services.

Overall, the concerns of the NCSBI should not even be considered. Hemp is 99% good.

Thank you.”

Followed by some applause.

Blake Butler with NCIHA graciously emphasized appreciation for the time allowed for speakers and their consideration. He shared an update from the DEA on testing in field situations and declared that we want to be as professional as possible and want to work with all bodies mentioned in the amendment.


Hemp Magik:

  1. Michelle S. “We want you to add an amendment for testing.”
  2. Davis. C. spoke on the benefit of testing.
  3. Melisa Clark “I am the first female processor in NC.” She said that wants NC to replicate testing regulations used in other states. Wants to set standards in testing and that her products are fully screened. Concerning the ‘proposed stamp act,’ “There is no good flower in North Carolina. I have to buy it all from other states.”

Your CBD Watchdog quietly asked the gentleman next to her, who looked experienced in this environment, “Are we allowed to stand up and object?” He smiled and said, “No.”

Do not fear, I have reached out to a grower who is on my Welcome List. I have never met this man, and up until I interviewed him for his product, would not be able to testify to his reputation. But I am fully able now and am hoping nothing stops Mr. Brook Sheffield of Smoky Mountain Medicinals from reaching the podium at the next meeting. Our representatives need to meet this distinguished fellow who has grown excellent hemp flower here in our beloved North Carolina.

Directly following the meeting, Assistant Agriculture Commissioner, Mr. Joseph Reardon shook my hand and thanked me for the kind words I shared on his FDA statement. He is so humble, by the way. Mr. Reardon is ready to set testing regulations and will be talking with credible scientists soon to help establish North Carolina as a leader in the hemp industry.

On the proposed stamp act, I asked Mr. Sims of Charlotte CBD, and Brian Bullman of Carolina Hemp Company, after they were done with their television interview, for statements.

On the stamp act- Sims said, “We are new and need to create our own sources for flower. We source now from other states, but we will soon produce the most premium flower in the country.”

On the stamp act – Bullman said, “It is about the chain of transactions and processing. The stamp act is unnecessary.”

I am waiting for one more statement from a Sanford, NC grower and will update when it arrives.

Now, sisters and brothers, if you would like to share your own thoughts on the hemp industry and what needs to be done to appease all parties as best as possible, please show up and speak up.

But, if you simply cannot make it to Raleigh, send a letter to your representatives. One may also contact a friend who attends the meetings and is willing to speak on their behalf.

We need hemp farmers who grow and test their excellent products to speak as soon as possible.

We need to share positive hemp news and workable solutions.

We need more speakers to stand up for improving the term ‘smokable hemp flower’ to unprocessed or raw hemp flower. – Several people mentioned that improving the term is a great idea for the image of the hemp industry.

We need distinguished lab facilities to share their input on testing recommendations. Because I have reviewed many hemp products and have researched other states’ lab standards, I am confident in Avazyme Lab’s recommendation which is, a full profile test panel with THC/CBD, a 10-cannabinoid profile, 9 terpene levels, potentially harmful substances including 32 residual solvents, 4 heavy metals, including cadmium, arsenic, mercury and lead, a 21 mycotoxin screen, mold, yeast, at least 220 pesticides and a pathogen screen.

Oh, and one more thing, Senator Brent Jackson said, “Hemp is needed and so are regulations.”

Comments are welcome.

Have a great day!

Your CBD Watchdog

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