List of NC Hemp Producers’ Testing Standards

The purpose of this list is to educate consumers so they may shop wisely for North Carolina hemp products while we wait for regulations. Take a good look at what you are buying and discover who cares enough about their customers to exceed simple compliance.

Presently, NC compliance requirements are only THC/CBD level testing. Some products are offered with this testings’ certificate of analysis (COA) readily available. Sharing test results is referred to as full transparency.

Some products meet the THC/CBD compliance but do not offer full transparency. This may be due to extremely low cannabinoid levels and indiscrepencies in labeling.

Some products claim to rise above the inadequate compliance testing and offer a complete hemp panel as recommended by Avazyme Labs, but do not offer full transparency. These products may be deliberately hiding dangerous ingredients.

It is not advisable to purchase any of the above products. On a community wide note, it is a shame that there are large companies with inadequate standards speaking on behalf of the North Carolina hemp industry. This article shares information on what the inadequately tested products may be sharing – and not caring a darn about it – all the way to the bank.

Some products meet the gold standard and complete a hemp panel as recommended by Avazyme Labs and offer full transparency. This is the product that is safe to buy. Here is that list: Smoky Mountain Medicinals, …

The gold standard list will be updated as information is recieved. If you produce a product with a full profile and offer full transparency, contact me at to be added to the gold standard list.

Buy products with verifiable lab results correlating to product with batch numbers.

This is the GOLD STANDARD in testing.

FULL PROFILE test panels include THC/CBD levels, a 10-cannabinoid profile, 9 beneficial terpene levels, and potentially harmful substances – 32 residual solvents, 4 heavy metals, including cadmium, arsenic, mercury, and lead, a 21 mycotoxin screen, mold and yeast, at least 220 pesticides, and a pathogen screen. Test panels with less may have more than you bargain for.

Have a great day!

Your CBD Watchdog


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