Hemp: What would Jesus do?

The ancient herb cannabis is scribed in some texts from the Middle East as an ordinary medicine and in others it is implied to be a holy “fragrant cane.”

The medical texts share recipes with specific ailments. Alakbarov writes, “These books were widely used by medieval Azeri physicians and may be considered as the most popular medical books of medieval Azerbaijan.”

Christians have another perspective of cannabis – from the Holy Bible.  

Mary of Bethany anoints Christ. (Public Domain)

Cannabis is an ancient herb with several varieties. In North Carolina, hemp is the legal variety with low THC. The Bible refers to flowering cannabis, as confirmed with Jewish translators, as “fragrant cane.”

A professor at Boston University, Carl Ruck, shares, “The word Christ does mean “the anointed one” and Bennett contends that Christ was anointed with chrism, a cannabis based oil, that caused his spiritual visions. The ancient recipe for this oil, recorded in Exodus, included over 9lb of flowering cannabis tops (known as kaneh-bosem in Hebrew), extracted into a hin (about 11A pints) of olive oil, with a variety of other herbs and spices. The mixture was used in anointing and fumigations that, significantly, allowed the priests and prophets to see and speak with Yahweh.”

It is common knowledge that cannabis remains have been identified in ancient vessels in the Middle East.

Ruck explains, “Jesus is described by the apostle Mark as casting out demons and healing by the use of this holy chrism. Earlier, from the time of Moses until the later prophet Samuel, holy anointing oil was used by the shamanic Levite priesthood to receive the “revelations of the Lord.” The chosen ones were drenched in this potent cannabis oil.

Early Christian documents found in Eygpt, thought to be a more accurate record than the New Testament, portray Jesus as an ecstatic rebel sage who preached enlightenment through rituals involving magical plants.”

So, the answer to “What would Jesus do?” is to anoint and use it to help others. With much prayer and hard work, it looks like we are all following His good leadership.

Have a great day!

Your CBD Watchdog


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