I Do Tea

The closer pain is to the head, the heavier the burden. At least that is my experience. That is why I do kratom tea – nature’s miracle tree.

Twenty some odd years ago, I had a head-on collision at 50mph. It changed my life in that I had to make decisions based on what type of pain I was willing to accept after certain activities which made my neck flare.

As I aged, so did the damage to my neck. It worsened. I went from choosing whether to clean a horse stall, to ride or go boating to less intense activities such as sitting at the computer for long lengths of time without stretching.

When I have a flare, I often see a chiropractor. But when the pain climbs up the back of my head and invades my face I cannot drive. It is like a migraine with swelling.

Here is a photo of my latest neck flare-up from Saturday. I had been in the garden, my happy place. My neighbor came to help me and kept saying, ” This isn’t normal!”

I made it through the demands of the day with kratom tea and by chewing and ingesting a kratom leaf and I made a kratom poultice for my neck.

By Sunday afternoon my neck pain was significantly reduced, so I only had a cup of kratom tea.

It works without side effects. Pain medications, like the oxycodone prescribed by my VA care provider render me useless. With kratom tea I feel energized and pain is diminished, sometimes completely.

Look at how the swelling diminished. The bulge size here is my ‘normal’ since the collision.

Using nature’s miracle tea is a personal journey that is unique for all individuals. If you want to grow your own kratom plant, contact me and I will do my best to assist.

I have small plants and a few larger. Each comes with instructions and well-established root systems with a vermicompost top dressing. The 8 to 12 inch are $55.00 each including shipping within the US. I have a few 3 foot tall trees and they are for meet-up delivery only near Southern Pines, NC, for $165.00. They grow quickly and thrive in tropical conditions that can be replicated indoors.

FYI: Kratom tea is useful in overcoming drug addiction. https://addictionresource.com/drugs/kratom/kratom-tea/

Have a great day!


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