My Story

Industrial Hemp is not the snake oil of the twentieth century. It’s the ancient herb that will transform the twentieth century. 

I was told that a personal story is a great introduction, even when it hurts. I married my childhood friend who I’d known since he was six-years-old. We married young and had two healthy babies, and divorced when they were preteens. I never got over not being able to make that man be good and want to be a conservative husband. Call it pride, call it self-centeredness, I don’t care. We ‘d had many happy years before he decided he’d rather have a partying life. Anyway, I have come to believe that the first love is the hardest to overcome, and now, as he fights for his life, I can’t get over losing him again – not without a fight – without some kind of reckoning- something to show for all the good times and those precious children.

Last November he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and given three months to live. As a Christian, I reached out to him. “You will never see your children again if you don’t get right with God,” I told him and he said, “I’m not going. I’ve done too many bad things.”

After two months in the hospital recieving plasma transfusions and piles of synthetic pharmaceuticals, that man told his doctor that he refused a stem cell transplant and that he was going to try “doing this on his own.” In my messages, I was stern and upheld traditional medicine, and he told the doctor that he’d read about cannabis oil on the internet and his doctor at Chapel Hill, NC closed the door and told him how to make it.

Shortly afterward, I visited him with the intent of witnessing to him and making sure he was Heaven bound. I have to admit that I was nervous. It had been over twenty years since we had been alone together and I was unsure if he would push my buttons and I’d leave in a predictable angry cloud or if I would just go ahead and slap him for all the infuriating betrayal that I still deal with today. That visit was nothing like I’d imagined.

His voice was as fragile as his skin that hung like a cloth over what was left of his frame. We talked about what he was going to do with his home, his harleys, his truck, and what he wanted to do for the kids – normal in those circumstances. I mean, we thought he was going to die anytime. When I asked about his medical plans he told me, “I have to accept the chemo pills for insurance or they won’t cover my other stuff like when I’m in the hospital.” He gave me a sly stink-eye from over his shoulder, the kind that declared his lionhood, and said, “I’m making my own medicine. I wanted to go to Texas, but it won’t work out. I might get too weak to get home and I don’t wanna make the kids have to deal with bringing my body back.”

“You mean you are making the pot pills?” I asked, and he coughed out, “Naw, Stephanie, come ‘ere, I’ll show you,” and we went into the kitchen and he took the lid off a stew pot and a tangy-musky wave filled the small room. He explained what his doctor said about mold and to only make small batches and to use the best vodka. “The stuff in stores is too expensive and insurance ain’t gonna touch it,” he smirked. “I hope it helps,” I sighed, doing my best to believe in the stuff that I grew up believing was bad.

That was last year. He is still on ‘homemade’ Full Spectrum CBD Oil and his doctors say he is a miracle. He looks like hell. But he is alive and the last time I inquired he said, “I’ve had a long talk with God.”

This experience opened my eyes to something that I ordinarily would have shunned.

Every component of cannabis has a “reason.” Sort of like how people come into our lives and things happen and we don’t know why when they are happening, but later, something good shines through.

This blog contains thorough explanations from scientific research, not hopeful thinking. I just wanted to share my inspirational story, so others will feel free to share. Welcome to CBD Girl Next Door.

The chart below is an example of my research to be shared in upcoming posts. The chart is from ‘Welcome to CBD Class 1.’

Since this post in Jan. 2019, new hemp analytes have been added. Hemp is amazingly beneficial. It is like God said, “Here you go, a plant to fuel your endocannabinoid system. Enjoy!”

Cannabinoids’ Benefits for Reviews
CBD Products are reviewed and results are posted.

Have a great day!

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1 thought on “My Story

  1. Richard J Manning September 28, 2019 — 3:36 pm

    It was nice meeting you today. I look forward to coming to your farm to pick my own hemp. I tried the Katiron tree leaf followed by some OJ. It wasn’t too bad. I am going to make tea with the european marigold seeds Ipurchased next. Thankyou for the insight. Rick Manning.

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